US border crisis: 11-year-old girl 'faces deportation to El Salvador without her family' due to immigration court error

Victoria Gagliardo-Silver
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Due to a court filing error, an 11-year-old child may be deported from the United States to El Salvador without her family.

Laura Maradiaga, accompanied by her mother and sister, illegally crossed the US-Mexico border in October from their home in El Salvador to seek a better life and get away from violence, according to immigrant rights advocate Cesar Espinosa of FIEL.

The family had attended all immigration court hearings, sans the hearing that was rescheduled during the government shutdown.

It was at that time that the family believes that Laura’s case got lost in the court docket.

Laura’s family received an order of removal against the girl this week.

It is unclear why she’s the only member of her family facing deportation.

This would not be the first time the Trump Administration’s deportation policy has unfairly targeted children, as parents have been deported without their children and kids as young as three are being ordered to appear alone in immigration court.

The Department of Justice confirmed to local news station KHOU 11 that a deportation notice was issued regarding Laura Maradiaga.

Laura’s potential deportation comes at a time where the US State Department advises against travel to El Salvador due to crime, such as rape, robbery, assault, gang violence, and murder. It is designated as a high risk area, women and children may be particularly unsafe.

As for how the child feels about her potential deportation? In a press conference on Thursday, April 11, Laura said “I want to stay here. I feel safe here.”