US Bars Import Of Goods From A Chinese Maker Of Solar Components Over Labour Abuse Of Uyghurs In Xinjiang

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Cracking down against China over its human rights and labour abuses of Uyghur Muslims and other minorities, President Joseph Biden's administration in the United States (US) has barred the import of goods from a Chinese company and its subsidiaries which produce material used to make solar panels, reports Economic Times.

Announcing the immediate halt on shipments from Hoshine Silicon Industry and its subsidiaries under a US law that bans the import of goods produced with forced labour, the US is also set to add six Chinese organisations linked to the industry to the list of entities that are barred from any access to the US market.

All six of these produce raw materials and components of the solar industry in Xinjiang.

Announcing the developments, the White House said, "These actions demonstrate our commitment to imposing additional costs on the People's Republic of China for engaging in cruel and inhumane forced labour practices and ensuring that Beijing plays by the rules of fair trade as part of the rules-based international order."

In addition to this, the US' Labor Department is also set to update its list of goods that are known to be produced with forced labour to include polysilicon from CHina. The move is aimed at putting additional pressure on US manufacturers to remove Chinese components from their supply chains.

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