Urs of Saint Darvesh Gulam Quadir in Poonch brings people of all faiths under one roof

Sufism has entrenched itself at the centre of cultural and spiritual life in India. The state of Jammu - Kashmir serves as the richest reservoir of this tradition and this can well witnessed during the Urs of sufi saints in the state when people cutting across religious lines gather under one roof. So, giving a glimpse of this unique devotional culture, today we take you to the urs of Darvesh Gulam Quadir that was recently commemorated in the Poonch district of the state. Take a look. Reverberating with the verses of Holy Quran, the shrine of Darvesh Gulam Quadir located in the Bandi Chechian Village of Poonch recently became the abode of peace and tranquility as people cutting across religious lines came to attend the urs of holy saint. Devotees offered special prayers for the peace and tranquility of the state and prayed for the fulfillment of their wishes. As a part of the celebration, Sufi scholars and Imams, the worship leader of a Mosque threw light on the life, religious services, teachings and spiritual strength of the saint, who devoted his entire life to preach Islam and spread love and brotherhood. The presence of Sufism in Jammu - Kashmir has added a sparkle of tolerance to the beauty of the state. Forming an integral part of people ethos for the last several centuries, even today the Sufi traditions play an important role in their lives and connote them with an understanding of the world in all its spiritual dimensions. The teachings of Sufi saints still reverberate in every nook and corner of the state and continue to inspire people to live in peace and harmony. Saint Darvesh Gulam Quadir was also one among these Sufi saints whose message of oneness and brotherhood is still preached by the residents here. After the commemoration of Holy urs, all the devotees who have come from different parts of the state sat together at one place and enjoyed the langar or community meal, which is served as a holy sacrament. The holy celebration clearly indicates that the lesson of Humanity and compassion that was once propagated by the Sufi saints is still having its roots deeply embedded in the culture of Jammu - Kashmir.