Urmila Matondkar to Kangana Ranaut: Start Fighting Drugs from Your Own State Himachal Pradesh

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Urmila Matondkar is the latest celebrity to have slammed Kangana Ranaut for her comments criticising Mumbai. The Rangeela star has countered Kangana's remarks on Mumbai and the alleged drug menace in Bollywood, by asking her to look at her home state first.

Urmila said that if Kangana wants to start a war against drug abuse, she should begin with her home state, Himachal Pradesh. "The entire country is facing the menace of drugs. Does she (Kangana) know Himachal is the origin of drugs? She should start from her own state," Urmila told Mumbai Tak.

She also said that if Kangana knew about the drug menace in Bollywood, she should have informed the police. She asked, "Why did this person who has been given Y-security from the taxpayers' money didn’t give information about the drug nexus to the police?"

The 46-year-old actress said she wouldn't tolerate Kangana's defamatory comments on Mumbai. Urmila said, "There's no of doubt that Mumbai belongs to everyone. Whoever has loved the city and has given back to the city, it belongs to them As a daughter of the city, I will never tolerate any defamatory remark against it. When you make such comments you are not only insulting the city, but people of the state at large," she said.

Kangana had compared Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir inher comments with relation to , which had triggered a spat between her and Maharashtra's ruling party Shiv Sena.

Urmila, who contested the 2019 elections from Mumbai North constituency on a Congress ticket, also said that just because one person shouts all the time, doesn't mean the person is speaking the truth. She also criticised Kangana for cribbing all the time and playing the victim card and the woman card.