The Urdu Press: Pakistan’s lies

IAF pilot Abhinandan Varthaman

The editorial in Organiser claims that Pakistan tried to use the "psy-war strategy" after the Pulwama terror attack and the decisive response by the Bharatiya Air-force. Pakistan tried to create the narrative that it has nothing to do with the Pulwama attack and the Balakot strike did not do any damage beyond what it called "ecological terrorism" - hitting some trees. The editorial claims that both the lies were exposed by interviews with important leaders in Pakistan and the response given by the Pakistan Army, the real fountainhead of terror.

"The Wing Commander Abhinandan episode was used to score brownie points, forgetting the fact that he was protected by the Geneva Convention and already isolated Pakistan could not have afford to do another misadventure. The lies that were peddled till the time of his release, including the edited video of the brave soldier, were not just unwarranted but shameful," the editorial adds then goes on the make the claim, and allegation, that Pakistan "could not own and honour the fighter pilot of the Pakistan Air-Force who was unfortunately killed by their own people". This exposed the narrow mindset of a nation "that emerged out of negativism and Bharat-hatred". The editorial claims that the attempt to cover up the "proxy war" through the "lie war" failed.

Self-pity vs new idea

An article on the upcoming general elections in Organiser frames the choice between emerging "from the ashes of Socialist Nehruvian society as a powerful nation and fulfil our destiny as the intellectual guide of the world (Vishwaguru) as foreseen by savants like Swami Vivekananda and Aurobindo" or going back to "being self-loathing, defeatist society that survives merely because there is no reason to die as yet". It adds: " We are culturally too tough to give up so easily. This election will tell us whether Nehruvian Fabian idea of 'mai-baap' Sarkar will prevail or the aspirational new young idea will rise above this negative cacophony." The article also pitches 2019 as a battle "between the forces of Positivity and the forces of Negativity". The "forces of negativity have been wailing since 2014 as they lose ideological ground to the forces of national renaissance". The analysis report further says that the horrific Pulwama attack, severe retaliation by India has changed the defeatist pacific attitude that was built on inferiority complex inflicted upon us by British and perpetuated by our Left intellectual opinion leaders.

The article then criticises "non-believing" "left" forces for "speaking the language of Pakistan" and because their "only agenda they have is to defeat this nationalist government, national interests be damned". It adds that "Bharat will have to decide in May 2019 whether it wishes to march into a future that is its rightful destiny with a clear headed sense of urgency or will it go back to wallowing in self pity and mediocre life, while poor live on doles in a nanny state rather than aspiring to lead a better dignified life".

Tension continues

An article in Organiser asserts that the world is looking closely at India and Pakistan, as the worst fears of a military face-off escalating into a nuclear holocaust become palpable. The article says that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan attempted to diffuse the situation by returning Wing Commander Abhinandan within 48 hours of his capture. "The situation on the ground, however, is not as rosy as one would be given to believe. The Line of Control (LoC) is in turmoil with both sides resorting to intensive firing. India has reported civilian casualties, and so has Pakistan. The media of the neighbouring country is blatantly blaming India for the escalation which is entirely untrue since the other side is initiating the ceasefire violations. Newspapers in Pakistan continue to remain in denial about the downing of the F-16 fighter aircraft of their country," the article adds.

It also claims that the release of Abhinandan has witnessed a fair degree of opposition in Pakistan from the political class as well as the media. Veteran army officers have spoken against the same on television, the article says. "With the political setup of both nations talking peace and India having clarified her stand of acting only against terrorists and their infrastructure in Pakistan, the movement of the Pakistan Army towards the border with India is unwarranted; it is unnecessarily raising the escalation levels and can lead to a confrontation that Pakistan is incapable of absorbing. The Pakistani Army is keeping its cards close to its chest; it has maintained absolute silence, preferring to leave the talking to the political set up and the media," it says.

(Compiled by Lalmani Verma)