Upset over US prez getting COVID-19, Indian Trump fan dies of heart attack

Rahul M
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An ardent fan of US President Donald Trump, known for worshipping him like a God for the last four years, has died of heart attack, reportedly upset over Trump contracting COVID-19.

Bussa Krishna, 33, a farmer from Telangana, was worried a lot and also upset for the past few days after learning that Trump and his wife had contracted the coronavirus infection, according to Sanjay Kumar, a relative.

The farmer "spent sleepless nights, starving and praying" for the United States President Donald Trump's recoverey from COVId-19, died of cardiac arrest in Medak on Sunday.

Sanjay Kumar said Krishna suddenly collapsed at home while having tea on Sunday and he passed away en route to hospital.

The doctor said Krishna had suffered cardiac arrest and died, he added.

Bussa Savitri, mother to Bussa Krishna speaking to ANI said, "For past four years, my son had been worshipping United States President Donald Trump. It all started when he had a dream of Donald Trump. He then built a US President's statue at Jangaon of Warangal, where we previously stayed. Few days ago, he learned that Donald Trump tested COVID-19 positive, after which he was in a deep shock. He was starving, spending sleepless nights and praying for Trump's recovery. On Saturday night, he was awake till late night and slept in the morning hours. He woke up around 11 am and collapsed. We rushed him to the nearest hospital immediately but the doctors said that he had died due to cardiac arrest."

According to mother-in-law of Krishna, he called her and told that he was not feeling well as Trump's health was not good. "He called up one day and asked me for some money for construction of temple in the name of Trump and he built a statue of Trump in it to worship Trump whom he considered as a god. He even told that Trump will take care of his son. Later he invited me for the inauguration of the temple he constructed," M Jaya said.

"He had been performing prayers for last four years. He called me last month and told me he was feeling sad and not able to eat anything as Trump was not keeping well. Five days back I received a call that he was not keeping well and on Sunday I got to know that he is no more," added Jaya.

Krishna started worshipping Trump as he was a strong leader and he liked his 'bold attitude.' Sanjay Kumar claimed he was under depression and staying alone in his room for the past several days.

He was having only one meal a day and was crying a lot, he said.

In a video posted on a social media platform, Krishna had recently said he was sad after learning that his 'God' was infected with coronavirus.

'I pray that my god recovers soon.Everyone needs to pray...I love you Trump,' Krishna,who is seen wailing, said, holding the US president's photo.

'Krishna had become very sad and weak after coming to know that Trump got infected with coronavirus.He (Krishna) was a healthy person and did not have any health ailments.

Everyone is sad over his death.We never expected it,' Sanjay told PTI over phone from Toopran town of Medak district.

Krishna's last rites were performed on Sunday night in Toopran, he said.

According to the family, his ambition was to meet Trump and he wanted to offer his hair just like devotees do (tonsuring their head as a respect to God).

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