Upset Man Immolates Self After Wife Defies Him, Sings At Function

In a shocking incident, a 40-year-old man named Shaikh Basheer from Ananthapur district in Andhra Pradesh set himself on fire, reportedly ‘to teach his wife a lesson’. The 35-year-old wife Sadika Sanjari was forbidden by the husband from singing at public functions. Her defiance angered the man who took the extreme step.

Reports also say that Basheer had a drinking problem and was not able to earn a livelihood. The wife sang Sufi devotional songs for a living. Basheer felt humiliated and had warned her to stop doing that. Sanjari was taking part in a function during the local New Year celebrations on Tuesday. Basheer stormed into the function to discover that Sanjari was set to sing a Qawwali.

Basheer reportedly approached the stage with kerosene and before anyone could realise what he was about to do, he set himself on fire.

The shocked and panicked audience captured it on the camera. In an effort to rescue Basheer, some rescuers tried to drag him down and douse the fire by covering him with carpets. He was rushed to a local hospital immediately but he sustained 70 per cent burns and is battling for his life.

Video Editor: Vivek Gupta