Upcoming Legend In ‘network Marketing’ Industry- Tony Grivot

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What is now being considered an ancient tradition is what our parents and ancestors did, “go to a good school and get a job at a good company”, and the more incentives they offer you, the better!

Fewer and fewer employers are offering such cushy benefits, though, and it seems difficult to secure one of the positions our parents have tried to drive us towards. This has become the age of entrepreneurs; where everyone wants to be their own thing, make their own money in their own way, with something they’re really passionate about, and excited about doing every day.

A degree will only earn a career, but without the skill, it cannot help to develop more. – It is the talent that draws clients, customers and management that lifts or lowers the person. Without the skill, the person will not be able to attract the attention of their employers and achieve success.

Today we will talk about a guy who does not have any diploma and because of his skills; he is able to buy an apartment in front of Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

Tony Grivot, have just turned 20. He was born in France in the countryside in a not very well-off family.

He doesn’t have any diploma and failed his exams so he got into the personal shopping business at the age of 17, that’s where he started to make some money.

If you are highly motivated and believe in your skills then no super power can stop you from achieving the trophy of success and the same thing happened with Tony.

He discovered the Network Marketing industry (MLM Multi-level-marketing), it’s been 2 years since he started and he was able to support and coach more than 6000 people of different nationalities in the fields of trading, crypto currencies and digital businesses.

He also created the MFI (major family of investing) one year ago with partners. It’s a community based on mutual aid and support around entrepreneurship and investment. He loves helping people to change their lives, grow personally and financially.

In a year and a half in this industry, he has been able to achieve salaries of over € 30,000 per month, and in 2 years he has been able to generate more than 3 million turnovers.

He is also a luxury watch buyer and reseller specializing in diamonds. He loves bodybuilding and believes that one should give their 100% while doing their work.

Helikes to share his daily life, motivate and inspire people through his instagram profile (+ 110,000k followers). Just scroll through his instagram profile, you will get to know how much he loves building his body. Over this year I plan to continue impacting thousands of lives.

He has planned to continue impacting thousands of lives and his goal is to become a legend in the “network marketing” industry. We wish him very good luck for his shining future.

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