The Untold Truth To Women’s Empowerment Is Women, says Khushdeep Kaur

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2020 has been a great year. Women Empowerment is coming out in the front now and women like Khushdeep Kaur Brar are the flag bearers. Hailing from a village in Punjab, she faced all the hardships that society could put on her. Being a single girl child in a male-dominant society is a horrifying dream for many but Khushdeep Kaur with the support of parents, used all this negativity and criticism of the orthodox society and turned it into an untamable zest to achieve something big in her life.

Khushdeep Kaur was raised by her parents to be a self-independent vibrant woman with a vision of her own. As a child, she was dully involved in the house regarding all the minor as well as major decisions. She is her parents’ only hope and they provided her with every luxury they could. Coming from a well off family, she had plenty around her but her dreams were entirely different. Unlike many, Khushdeep Kaur is a strong woman who dreamt of fulfilling all of her parents’ dreams and aspirations just as they did.

Due to her determined and focused nature, she worked hard enough and is now constructing a huge 5 crore home, or we may as well call it a palace for her parents on her own. What started as a dream to fulfill her parents and her dreams and aspirations, has now turned into an unwavering documentation of huge successes. She was introduced to WAF Entrepreneurs in November, 2019 and since then she has been in an up the hill battle with herself. She works day and night to provide entrepreneurs with opportunities and assistance to fulfill their dreams. She has been continuously growing and developing ever since. Apart from this, she is also the representative of the state Punjab in the Para Boccia Association of Punjab. Para Boccia Association of Punjab just like the Paralympics is a society that focuses highly on providing the specially-abled a platform to prove their worth as a sportsperson. With her high participation as a representative, she has given many specially-abled a life that they have dreamt of. They are now representing themselves and their talents at national as well as international level through various tournaments and championships, all this made possible by a woman representative. In short, Khushdeep Kaur’s life is proof of the fact that if you work hard for anything, it comes to you. As she says, “dreams do come true, and who says we can’t have it all?”

Those visionaries who are seeking help in their ventures or are curious to catch a glimpse of her life can contact khushdeep Kaur on her social platform, Instagram @khushbrar_1786.

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