‘There Is an Unprecedented Wave, Bigger Than 2014,’ Says PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, 15 April, reiterated that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is going come back to power and he sourced this confidence from the “unprecedented wave” that will help the party of win the majority.

In an interview to a national news channel, Modi said, “There is an unprecedented wave, bigger than 2014.” The prime minister was asked questions on electoral issues. From being awarded Russia highest civilian honour, to West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh politics, to Kashmir.

On Russia’s Order of St Andrews the Apostle

On 13 April, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was honoured with Russia’s highest civilian state honour, the Order of St Andrews the Apostle. But the Opposition was not happy about it.

To this, Modi said, “Every country works in its own way. Just like we give Padma Shree and Padma Bhushan in our own time, the same way other countries do the same. This is a normal process and to level allegations on this is wrong.”

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On India's Global Status

Modi said that in the present day, India has made a place for itself in the world. “Earlier, we were spectators and now we are players,” said Modi.

"“Today, the world is saying that India is leading. We have good relations with countries like Israel and Palestine, who are in conflict with each other. We have good relations with Iran and Arab countries. Our effort is that India, keeping its priorities in place, should keep a balance with the world.”" - PM Narendra Modi

He said that the whole world is both dependent and inter-connected and in these situations, India cannot walk alone.

Justice For Farmers

The prime minister credited the technological advances in the agricultural sector to his government.

“We distributed soil health card to farmers and this has helped farmers to determine the health of the soil. We have connected the farmers with technology. After 23 May, when we will form the government, all farmers in India will be given pension. In our 'Sankalp Patra', we have promised to give loans to farmers without any interest.”

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Alliances and Competition in Other States

When asked about the expectation from alliances and Opponents in other states, Modi said that there is no need for speculation.

“Samajwadi Party and Congress fought the state Assembly Election in Uttar Pradesh, but you all saw the result. In Maharashtra, Congress and NCP put so much effort that their alliance was very tight. But what was the result?” he said.

"“As far as UP is concerned, I can say without a doubt that people of the state have made their mind up to bring BJP. People there have understood the politics very well. So, stop speculation about UP.”" - PM Narendra Modi

Modi also lashed out at the Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal government, saying that the TMC government saw its state’s people dying in front of its eyes.

“The local body polls were conducted in the state after a long time and there were no riots reported. On the other hand, in West Bengal's panchayat polls, there was so much violence.”

“The government in west Bengal has seen the people of its state dying in front of its eyes, but media did not show that. It did not appear in media. The truth that was supposed to come out, didn't come out,” he said.

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