Unlock 2.0: What is allowed and what's not from July 1

Madhuri Adnal
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    A very well calibrated and well pre-cautioned approach.
    The first country in the world to adopt HEALTH- ECONOMY modules considering HUMAN VALUE FIRST.
    PM MODI and his group of assistants are really redefining the life style and essential way of living.
    These systems will go in a long way for aligning our lives in every direction of VALUED LIFE SYSTEMS.
    Covid-19 though has given much of living style pains, has taught what is disciplined life style is?
    Supplementing gains and complementing losses?
    Probably this may be OUT LIFE STYLE OF FUTURE?
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    Green Earth.
    UNLOCKING WILL NOT COME FOR NEXT TEN YEARS AT LEAST. This has become a DHANDHA(business) for many kinds of vested interests, GOVT. MAFIA & PRIVATE MAFIAS including MEDICAL MAFIAS blackmailing public athe pretext of CORONA VIRUS & earning heavily, Rs. 15 LAKH PER PATIENT & constantly BLACKMAILING patients for whole life at the name of REHABILITATION. This is INDIAN CHARACTER.
  • m
    1.If and only if we all follow the "Guide Lines" given by the Govt, the Covid-19 menace can be controlled.
    2.At times contradictory statements, by various authorities (States, Districts, Municipal, R.W.As and so on) cause confusion,chaos,doubts etc.
    3.There is a need for unified Command and "Guide Lines" need to be replaced by "Orders".
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    Indians are born under a system called MANUWAADI SYSTEM viz; brahmins\ bania \ kshatriya \ shudra ... They are tagged by birth ... Hence, freedom is not like America... Here PM isis nominated indirectly by MPs of 475 in numbers.. Modi is not ditectly elected by people unlike President Trump... With 130 crores of population, jobs areis finalised by reservation systemis which is also tagged as SC\ ST\ OBC\Minority \ 10% weaker sections (brahmins & banias) & neo buddhists... Hence, corona virus is also diagnosed on these tagged fundamentals... So though no corona virus medicine is still not found, looting in hospitals are in full swing... Hence, extending lockdown have other reasons like india china war which may erupt anytime... Concluding, real reason is this WAR TENSION... Jai Krishna Dharma,
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    Lockdown has served it's purpose and is no more useful. Everything should be opened and people can decide what is to be avoided.
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    This is a joke. Going on extending the lock-down.
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    just me
    I am a free person, I go where I want to go and do what a want. Anyone who tries to tell me otherwise is a fascist statist