Unique Protest Against 'Hefty Traffic Fine' in Gujarat, Man Says His Bike 'Committed Suicide'

Ahmedabad: A social worker from Jamnagar in Gujarat, Nimesh Simariya, undertook a unique protest on Saturday against the new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act as he covered his bike with a white cloth and claimed that it has “committed suicide”.

Simariya paid a floral tribute to it and wrote, ‘Due to the government’s atrocity, this bike has committed suicide’.

“The amount of fine under the new law is extremely high and it should be reduced immediately. Moreover, agents are looting common people who go to Regional Transport office to get their licenses issued. The government should reduce price of the helmets as well,’’ Simariya said.

Earlier this week, the Gujarat government had announced a reduction in the fines under the new Motor Vehicles Act. As per the revised rates, the penalty for not wearing a helmet has been brought down from Rs 1,000 to Rs 500. Similarly, violators will be charged Rs 500 for not wearing seatbelts instead of Rs 1,000.

Gujarat was the first state to reduce traffic fines after people complained of "bad roads and infrastructure" and vented their anger on social media.