Union Minister Pandey lauds MP govt's decision to organise Ram Leela in all civic bodies

New Delhi [India], Dec 4 (ANI): Union Minister Mahendra Nath Pandey on Wednesday lauded the decision of Madhya Pradesh government of organising Ram Leela in all civic bodies, saying that now others are also 'walking' on the BJP's path.

"Lord Ram's life influences every aspect of India's culture. Mahatma Gandhi himself used to consider Lord Ram's life as an ideal for India's life. BJP has always followed Lord Ram's ideals of life. It is good that now others are also walking on our path," Pandey told ANI.

On being asked about the Congress accusing BJP of using Lord Ram's name for political agenda, Pandey said: "The entire nation and our society have accepted what the BJP used to say in this regard. Even the Supreme Court has respected what we used to say. It means we are on the right path."

Madhya Pradesh government is preparing to construct Ram Leela stages in all the civic bodies across the state. The government has also decided to finance other necessary event-related expenses.

"We believe that this tradition should be revived in each city. There are so many cities having Ram Leela stages and grounds they need to be developed. We will carry out this work along with their beautification," Jaivardhan Singh, MP's Minister for Urban Development and Housing, told ANI.

However, the state government has been facing a growing backlash from the BJP over this decision.

"Chief Minister Kamal Nath-led government is trying to deviate the attention of the people from important issues. Our government had done a lot for the development of Ram Van Gaman Path," said BJP MP Ganesh Singh.

Earlier today, BJP MLA Rameshwar Sharma lashed out at the Congress for 'lying' to the people in the name of constructing Ram Path.

"The Congress party has played the role of Ravana in the field of politics until now. They lied to the people to seek their votes in the name of constructing a Ram Path earlier. It's been a year now, but not even a single brick has been used," said Sharma.