Health Ministry briefing on latest COVID spread in India; over 386,829 +ve cases in 24 hours

As India fights against the second wave of coronavirus, it's witnessing 36.73 Lakh active cases and counting. In light of this alarming surge in cases, the PM has headed the chair of a vaccine review meet this morning, the state of West Bengal is also in lockdown till May 30th. As for Delhi, the cases have finally taken a dip. As per the Health Ministry, the latest updates on the covid19 situation in India have seen a positivity rate, decreased to less than 20%. Active cases have witnessed a drop of more than 1 lakh in up to 11 states. According to individual statistics, Haryana's cases have dropped to less than 1 lakh, Maharashtra, UP, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh's overall active cases have also seen a decrease and weekly recovery is improving in most states.

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