Union Agri Minister Narendra Tomar hits at NCP chief Sharad Pawar over farm laws

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar hits back at NCP chief Sharad Pawar over the three farm laws. Sharad Pawar earlier stated that if these three laws will be implemented by the Centre, this will adversely impact the MSP and the present mandi system. Narendra Tomar in a series of tweets has made a point-by-point rebuttal and also stated that the NCP chief was misinformed of the facts. He further adds that Sharad Pawar himself wanted to implement these laws when he was in power as the agriculture minister. Continuing with his attack on Sharad Pawar, Narendra Singh Tomar also added that the minister should now clarify it for the citizens as well, given that he has the right set of facts now.