Is underworld don Dawood Ibrahim really dying of brain tumour? Here is the list of reports doing rounds

Vaibhav Tiwari
Iqbal Kaskar's son Rizwan and his older brother Anees Ibrahim's son Aaris came to Mumbai from Dubai in December 2017 to meet Kaskar in Thane Central jail. They left in the first week of January 2018, police sources said.

New Delhi, April 29: Many reports are doing the rounds as to the condition of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. The don is reportedly hospitalised and is fighting for his life. The don’s close aide Chhota Shakeel has denied the reports. There is ambiguity about the reality of his health condition.

Theory 1: An initial report says that the don had suffered a heart attack and was being put on a ventilator for a few days. The report said that he is admitted in a Karachi hospital.

Theory 2:  Dawood Ibrahim also has a brain tumour. The don was being operated upon. The operation failed and he is battling for life,

Theory 3: Dawood Ibrahim is not in the hospital but is ill. He is suffering from gangrene of limbs. He had a stroke in the past. He visits hospitals frequently but not battling for life.

Theory 4: Dawood Ibrahim is not responding to treatment and may have been dead.

What Chhota Shakeel said

Chhota Shakeel has clearly said that Dawood is hail and hearty. He confirmed this to News 18 that the don is fine and that reports of his bad health are just rubbish. When asked when did he talk to him last, he said just half-an-hour earlier. He said both Chhota Shakeel and Dawood Ibrahim had attended a meeting together and he is doing fine.

Since the news broke out, a large number of crowd reportedly were seen at the house of Dawood’s brother Iqbal Kaskar who stays at Pakmodia street, in South Mumbai. Several relatives had started pouring to inquire about Dawood’s health and some reports also claimed that special prayers were held for the speedy recovery of the don.

Almost three years ago, Dawood Ibrahim had reportedly booked a place of burial at the Churney Road Bada Kabrastan, where wished to be buried after his death. The report published in Mumbai Mirror in 2014 claimed that Dawood had booked a space for burial next to his father who was laid to rest at the Bada Kabrastan in Churni Road, South Mumbai, some years ago. If Dawood dies in Pakistan, there is a little chance that his body will be brought back to India.