Undertaker set for one more match in WWE as Sting teases Last Ride?

Mark Hoover

Bengaluru, July 2: Two weeks ago, it was announced via a WWE Network documentary Last Ride, that the legendary Undertaker has retired from pro wrestling. But when it comes to Undertaker and retirement, there always been that one question on everyone's mind, 'is it really true'.

The news may be true, but with recent social media activity by a WWE Hall of Famer, the speculation about a dream match strated running rampant on the internet.

Former World Champion Sting teased about his in-ring future after comments he made on social media on Wednesday (July 1). Sting took to Twitter in response to a throwback photo showing him on a motorcycle and asked fans who wants to take a 'last' ride" with him.

"Who wants to take a "last" ride with Sting?," Sting wrote on Twitter.

As expected, fans speculated about a potential match between Sting and The Undertaker due to the word "Last Ride" used in the post. Sting vs. Undertaker has been one of the dream matches which hasn't come to frutiton.

However, this recent activity on social media may have some substance into it and lead to the dream match. And with Sting not contracted by WWE it's highly unlikely this fight will happen, but never say never when it comes to WWE and Undertaker.

Sting was last seen in action at WWE Night of Champions 2015, when he lost to then-World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. He suffered a neck injury in that match but passed on having surgery.

The Hall of Famer retired in April 2016, but has talked about still wanting to have the match with the Deadman, who last wrestled earlier this year at WrestleMania 36.

There is no official word on this match. If at all it happens, the big four pay-per-views will be the right place to host the fight, and the closest one is WWE Summerslam in August. With just a month left for the PPV, WWE may even think of hosting the dream fight in Saudi Arabia as well. Or best place could be a WrestleMania. More on this will be known in the coming days or months.

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