Undertaker's wife Michelle McCool reveals first-ever photo of their daughter

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Undertaker's wife Michelle McCool attended the Deadman's final WWE match at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando, Florida on Sunday April 2, along with the couple's daughter.

Watch Michelle's adorable tribute to her husband.

The Undertaker, whose real name is Mark William Calaway, married three times and has four children -- one with his first wife Jodi Lynn and two with his second wife Sara. With Michelle, the Undertaker was blessed with a daughter in August 2012.

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Her name is Kaia Faith Calaway.

Undertaker's personal life

Born: March 24 1965 in Houston, Texas

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Real name: Mark William Calaway

WWE years active: 1990-2017

Personal life: First wife - Jodi Lynn (1989-1999), Second wife - Sara (2000-2007), Third wife - Michelle McCool (2010-present)

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Children: With Jodi Lynn - Gunner Vincent (born in 1993); with Sara - Chasey (born in 2002) and Gracie (born May 15, 2005); with Michelle - Kaia Faith Calaway (born 2012)

"Partied like a rockstar.....& then daddy's music hit! #thankyoutaker #WrestleMania [sic]"

- Michelle wrote on her Instagram post.

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