Underhand tactics: 5 biggest cheats in the history of WWE

Sayak Basu

Underhand tactics: 5 biggest cheats in the history of WWE

11 Sep 2018: Underhand tactics: 5 biggest cheats in the history of WWE

Let us be clear about the fact that WWE matches are scripted and the results are pre-determined and well rehearsed.

We are nobody to say who really cheated their way to success, as everything is pre-planned by the company and the wrestlers.

However, watching dirty tricks get past the referee's eyes makes great television and here are the 5 biggest cheats ever.

Ric Flair: The Dirtiest Player in the Game

According to many, Flair is the greatest professional wrestler in the history of WWE, but not all his victories have been fair and square.

Flair glorified cheating so much that he loved the moniker of 'The Dirtiest Player in The Game'.

From his initial days to the major success he achieved with Evolution, Flair has always had some dirty tricks up his sleeve.

Triple H: The Cerebral Assassin set a benchmark

Triple H is one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling.

However, his character has always been a heel and he has played it to the fullest by cheating on several occasions over the years.

From being a part of DX to his Heavyweight Championship days as Evolution's leader, the sledgehammer and his friends rescued Hunter on numerous occasions.

nWo: nWo and Hollywood Hulk Hogan

When the leader of Hulkamania joined nWo and turned heel, it was the biggest and most talked about turn in history.

Hogan changed his attire from bright yellow and red to black and white as he started calling himself 'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan.

During these days, he won numerous matches by cheating with the help of his friends Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

Eddie Guerrero: Cheat 2 Win: The motto Eddie Guerrero lived by

The late Eddie Guerrero was an out and out entertainer.

He is the one who made cheating look cool and even got the support of fans while doing so.

Interestingly, Guerrero's trademark cheating maneuver was when he took up a chair, flung it to his opponent and laid down.

This way, the referee thought the opponent has used the chair on him.

McMahon: When the boss breaks the rules: Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon's character of the evil boss can probably be regarded as the greatest heel in the history of professional wrestling.

And with the villainous attitude came a host of incidents when he cheated players of their deserved spot.

He cheated Mankind, Stone Cold, and The Rock on numerous occasions and even a real-life example would be the Montreal Screwjob.