Under Lockdown for 11 Weeks, Wuhan Sees Spike in Wedding Applications

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The city of Wuhan in China was put under strict lockdown by the authorities after cases of coronavirus originated from a market. Only last week the lockdown has been lifted after conditions improved.

The 11-week long lockdown has left couples in the city rushing to get married, so much so that traffic on an online marriage application system increased by 300 percent.

The local system available as a mini-program on the Chinese payment app Alipay faced a temporary freeze due to the sudden surge in traffic, according to Chinese tech news portal Abacus.

Alipay took to the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo to elaborate on the “temporary logjam” and inform them that the issue had been fixed. The post advised users to “refresh” the page a few times for lag-free usage.

They also tweeted to convey the “surprise” engineers faced after seeing the huge surge. Alipay maintained that “strong demands for marriage services after an earlier surge in divorce appointments” during lockdown was unexpected.

The rush can be attributed to the fact that registering marriages in the month of February and March was suspended in Wuhan, the report added.

The digital lifestyle platform has started some initiatives to “support” the city with over 11 million residents. It said in a tweet that Alipay’s landing page will prominently showcase “Wuhan merchants, local produce and popular destinations”.

On top of it, for all “zero contact” bank loans applied through Alipay, MYbank will weave interest rates for 360,000 micro-merchants in Wuhan for one month. For those in the Hubei Province, a 20 percent interest rate cut will be given.