‘Uncle Nelson told me I ought to be in politics’: Priyanka on Nelson Mandela’s 101st birth anniversary

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tweets a photo of her with Nelson Mandela and her son. (Source: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra/Twitter)

As the world celebrates Nelson Mandela’s 101st birth anniversary, Congress’ general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra wrote a tribute for the South African anti-apartheid icon with a caption saying he had told her ‘she ought to be in politics’. Calling Mandela an inspiration and a guide, Priyanka said his life is a ‘testament to truth, love and freedom’.

The Congress leader put out a picture of herself with her son and the former South African president on Twitter and wrote: "The world misses men like Nelson Mandela more than ever today. His life was a testament to truth, love and freedom. To me, he was Uncle Nelson (who told me I ought to be in politics long before anyone else did!). He will always be my inspiration and my guide."

Priyanka made her political debut in January when Congress appointed her general secretary for Uttar Pradesh East.

The Congress party has been in turmoil since Rahul Gandhi’s resignation as party president after the Lok Sabha debacle where the grand old party managed only 51 seats. Speculation has been rife as to who will helm the reigns of the party.