Unchecked Violence in Delhi: Is Police Crippled Without 'Orders'? | The Quint

“We cannot let another 1984 happen in this country; Not under the watch of this Court”, the Delhi High Court said on the violence that has gripped Delhi. The situation in the capital has reached a point where the Supreme Court and High Court had to ask the police to take matters under its control. Over 20 people have died in violence that has been raging in the capital since Sunday, 23 February. The areas in Northeast Delhi are still tense from the looting, and arson that took place after clashes between pro and anti CAA protesters turned violent. The Home Ministry has been downplaying the scale of violence that broke out in Northeast Delhi by claiming that everything was under control. If everything is under control, then how did the death toll continue to mount? Who were the people who set houses,shops and cars on fire? Why is Delhi witnessing one of the worst cases of violence in decades? There are plenty of questions, but not enough answers from the concerned authorities. Tune in to The Big Story to know more!