Unable to Afford Coronavirus Test, 21-yr-old Kerala Man With Flu-like Symptoms in Malaysia Makes Video Appeal

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Thiruvananthapuram: All that was left with an Indian man stranded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus outbreak was mere 30 ringgits. With a sharp pain piercing through his throat, persistent sneezing and meagre money, 21-year-old Vishnu was left with little option other than posting a video about his ordeals on Facebook.

His voice was breaking and words moving into tears, the man who is a native of Kollam in Kerala, said he went to the local hospitals in the country for COVID-19 tests as he suffered from flu-like symptoms. However, the response from authorities had pained him much more than his sufferings.

“Nobody cares about being friendly. I cannot speak or comprehend Malay language. They did not pay heed to my request to speak in English. They need only money. I am asked to pay ringgits equivalent to Rs 1,800. I am left with just 30 ringgits after doing visa renewal towards the far end of this month," the youth said.

Saying that the situation would have been different had he been in India, he said he suffered and only survived on eating bread and water as he had no money left. “One packet of bread costs three ringgits. I am asking for a doctor check-up only,” he said.

The video later went viral. Reports suggest that the man tested negative of the infection after intervention by the Indian embassy in Malaysia and the Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre.