Umiam Lake attracts tourists from faraway shores

The landlocked states of north-eastern region are the abode of nature's beauty attracting many tourists from faraway shores and within India each year. Likewise, the province of Meghalaya houses many fascinating tourists' places of the country, dotted with abundant pine, rewarding greenery, picture-perfect lakes, waterfalls and beautiful churches. Located in the hills at a distance of 15 km to the North of Shillong in Meghalaya, Umiam Lake or Barapani is a reservoir and a man-made lake that covers an expanse of 221 sq kms. The lake provides residents with water and is also their source of fish to many local residents. In and around the Umiam Lake, many impeccable tourists' spots like Lumponggdeng Island, Orchid Lake Resort, Nehru Park and Umiam Water Sports Complex etc., are situated providing hassle free services to the visitors. Umiam Lake provides various adventure sports like boat ride, kayaking, water skiing, angler and various other water sports to the tourists'. Apart from the adventure sports, the beautiful Lake surrounded by coniferous forests, provides a graceful and a marvelous scenic view which provides an ethereal getaway for those travelling to Shillong. The Lake is also truly a place for nature lovers to observe the nature's creation through feelings and emotions and in bargain feel calm and quiescent. It also provides a bonhomie vibes by having a picnic or a pot-luck by the lake to the visitors. The serenity of Umiam Lake imbibed in its nature is truly a blessing to many and remains an abode for the nature lovers. Also the beauty of nature at Umaim Lake are truly an inspiration and impeccable for getting motivation for many.