The Ultimate Goal of Life: MEN - Moksha Enlightenment Nirvana by AiR Lights the Path to the Ultimate Goal of Life Through Spirituality

BANGALORE, Nov. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Atman in Ravi releases his 22nd book titled 'The Ultimate Goal of Life: MEN, Moksha Enlightenment, Nirvana'. For over four years now, Atman in Ravi has been helping people transform their lives by making them realize the truth - his one true life mission. The words of wisdom in his books has touched the lives of innumerable people and led them away from darkness, towards light, bliss, peace and everlasting happiness.

His book, The Ultimate Goal of Life is relevant for every earnest seeker, who is on the quest for the right path that starts with the initial steps of moving away from distress and suffering towards a peaceful life of realization and acceptance. It's apt for everyone who is keen to delve within to search for a deeper meaning of life. While many believe that the ultimate goal of life is happiness, but the truth is, obtaining happiness is not the main goal. Although man enjoys pleasure that he gets from achievement, and peace that he gets from fulfillment, man is still miserable once the temporary high of being happy vanishes. This is because man has not found a purpose. He has not understood the meaning of life such as who he is, where he comes from and where he will go. He has not realized the truth – who created this world and who created him.

Many religions worldwide advocate the concept of liberation as being the ultimate goal of life. Some call it moksha, some nirvana while others call it enlightenment. Atman in Ravi's latest book urges the seeker to make an inquiry about life and study certain facts to truly unravel and understand the ultimate goal of one's life. The book encourages the reader to use his intelligence and ponder over the mystery of life, and identify that there is something beyond human comprehension like the connection between one's birth, death, and life in between. There are many things beyond the comprehension of man, which revolves around the understanding of - Moksha, Enlightenment, and Nirvana.

Atman in Ravi's book guides one to endeavor on the path of the ultimate goal which is unification with the Divine, the Creator.

Investigate and study here: 'MEN', Moksha, Enlightenment, and Nirvana, it will help understand the A to Z of Spirituality and to realize the Ultimate Purpose of life.

'What is the Ultimate Goal of life?Why this misery, why this strife?Instead of living with Peace and Bliss,The Joy of this beautiful world we miss.'- AiRThe book is available online at AmazonAbout the author - AiR ( - Atman or the Soul in Ravi, is an embodied Soul whose only mission in life is to help people realize the Truth. He was born in Bangalore on October 15, 1966. At a very young age, Ravi V. Melwani mastered the craft of business and became a very successful businessman who revolutionized retailing in India with the stores KidsKemp, Big KidsKemp, and Kemp Fort.

After making millions, he realized that life is not just about making money. He shut down his business at the age of 40, transformed his life to RVM, living by the RVM philosophy - Rejoice, Value Life, and Make a Difference. He started doing H.I.S. work - Humanitarian, Inspirational and Spiritual work. His mission was to 'Make a Difference' in this world before his journey was over.

As a part of the humanitarian initiative (, a charitable hospital and charitable homes were set up. Today, over 600 homeless and suffering people are served and cared for in our destitute homes and provided with free shelter, food, clothing, and medical care.

A School of Inspiration was set up that inspired the lives of many people through motivating talks, inspirational books and videos, and thought-provoking quotes. A Shiva Temple( was built in the year 1995 in Bangalore which is now known as the Shivoham Shiva Temple. AiR now believes that religion is just a kindergarten to Spirituality, and we all have to go beyond religion to truly realize God.

One day, his Guru provoked him to introspect: What is the purpose of life? Is life just meant to seek pleasures and to live and die without any purpose? What happens after death? Will we be reborn? Where is God? Several questions like these took him on a quest, a search for the Truth. He gave up his life of Achievement and Fulfilment in search of the final peak of life: Enlightenment.

After a few years of intense search in retreat, deep in the mountains, he realized that we are not this body or mind but the Divine Soul, the Atman. He metamorphosed to AiR - Atman in Ravi and gave up his entire life as RVM and started living as an instrument of God doing 'His Divine Will'. AiR has dedicated his life to helping people realize the Truth.

With AiR's own Realization, he has authored several books, composed bhajans, blogs, quotes, poems and taken up several other initiatives that can direct people towards the Truth and eradicate the ignorance that they live in. His vision, now, is to help people to Ask, Investigate, and Realize the Truth.