Ulrika Jonsson returns to presenting the weather on 'Good Morning Britain'

Albertina Lloyd
Entertainment reporter, Yahoo UK
Ulrika Jonsson presented the weather on 'Good Morning Britain' (Credit: ITV)

Ulrika Jonsson was back presenting the weather on Good Morning Britain today, 30 years on from her ITV debut.

The 52-year-old TV presenter began her career broadcasting the weather for TV-am show, also called Good Morning Britain, on ITV in 1989.

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Jonsson appeared on breakfast show GMB today and was thrown in at the deep end by host Piers Morgan when he asked her to present the weather forecast at the end of the show.

As she approached the digital screen she said: “Oh my gosh! I’m a proper ludite as well. In my day we had bits of felt symbols and a little man behind to turn the actual screen.

“But as you can see it’s very windy. We’ve got some - are they southerly or northerly? Northely winds probably!

Ulrika Jonsson and Lorraine Kelly worked together on TV-am's Good Morning Britain in the 90s (Credit: Getty Images)

“Nine degrees, that’s 48 degrees fahrenheit for those of you who are still talking in old money. Little bits of blue bits which is probably turning drier later this afternoon.”

She then handed over to her former TV-am colleague Lorraine Kelly, saying: “I hope you have a marvelous day, now it’s time for the marvelous, wonderful Lorraine Kelly.

Jonsson - who has been very open about her search for love since splitting from her third husband in April last year - revealed she has been on a few dates since becoming the face of over-Fifties dating app Lumen.

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She said: “That I guess is how people meet each other nowadays. I’ve always slightly been resistent to any technology in that because in our day we used to meet people in the pub or whatever and you knew you liked somebody and then you went on a date. But the idea of looking at a picture of someone and going, ‘Yeah, I could probably...’”

Jonssson added: “Not through the app but I have been on a couple of dates yes.”

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