UK Woman Battling for Life in Coma Due to Covid-19 Delivers Twins

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Battling COVID-19 in itself is sometimes a difficult task. Imagine what it would be like delivering two babies while recovering from the coronavirus infection. An NHS consultant in UK’s Birmingham gave birth to premature twins while on a ventilator in an induced coma.

According to Mail Online, the twins – Palmer, a girl and Pascal, a boy – were discharged from a Birmingham hospital after 100 days. The woman named Perpetual Uke saw her babies 16 days after giving birth to them as she had been lying in a coma.

In late march, the woman, a rheumatology consultant at Birmingham City Hospital, started experiencing flu-like symptoms. She called NHS 111 and went into self-isolation. However, over the coming days, she began to feel more unwell.

As her health condition deteriorated, she was admitted to a respiratory ward via the Emergency Department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. Looking at her condition, doctors transferred her to the Critical Care Unit. A team of doctors conducted daily reviews and scans of her babies while Perpetual was in the Critical Care Unit. During this time, she was placed into an induced coma keeping in mind her critical condition.

In view of the safety of the mother and babies, doctors decided that delivery should take place via caesarean section. At the time of birth, the boy weighed 850 grams and the girl 770 grams. The twins were admitted to the specialist Neonatal Intensive Care Unit after they were born.

Meanwhile, the mother was under the observation of doctors and she became conscious 16 days after delivering her babies. Perpetual is finally back home with her twins.

In May, a 32-year-old woman, who had contracted COVID-19, delivered twins, a boy and a girl, in Odisha. In this case, the boy passed away due to low birth weight, while the condition of the mother and the girl was found to be stable.

Since the woman was COVID-19 positive, she and her baby were kept in different rooms.