UK man murders sisters for 'sacrificial lottery'

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London, Jun 10 (PTI) A 19-year-old man brutally stabbed two sisters to death and hid their bodies in UK's Wembley Park last year to win a demonic lottery, a court here has heard.

Danyal Hussein killed Nicole Smallman, 27, and Bibaa Henry, 46, in a 'frenzied and relentless' attack in London Borough on June 6 last year, the prosecution told the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales on Wednesday, The Guardian newspaper reported.

The police found a note in Hussein's living quarters which proves that he 'planned to sacrifice women so that he could make money' from a 'demon” delivering a lottery win to him, the prosecution said.

The victims were celebrating Henry's birthday when they were attacked. Henry was stabbed eight times, and Smallman was stabbed 28 times.

Representing the prosecution Oliver Glasgow said: 'It would appear that the defendant had confidence that his plan would work since following the fatal attacks upon Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, the defendant purchased several lottery tickets and there were three lottery tickets folded up inside the note [found in his room].

'As it turned out, the demon did not come good on the bargain, since not only did the defendant not win the lottery but the police identified all the evidence that links him to these two murders.' Henry's birthday party was attended by a few more guests but only the two victims had stayed back. In last seen footage, they are seen dancing to music around fairy lights when they are distracted by some approaching person or object, the BBC reported. There are no visuals of the attack.

'Whether this was the defendant who had crept up on them is unclear, but there is no doubt that he (Hussein) was in the park that evening and that he attacked them,' he added.

'Once the two sisters had been brutally murdered, their killer dragged their bodies across the grass and concealed them in a hedgerow,' the report quoting the prosecution as saying.

Hussein's DNA was at the scene of crime, on the bodies and on a bloodstained knife found at the scene, the jury was told.

If this evidence “was not damning enough”, the police found out that the defendant purchased a set of knives that matched the exact knife from the scene, Glasgow said.

Hussein also visited a hospital on June 7 with injuries on his hand. Hussein, of Blackheath, south-east London, has denied the murder charges and possessing a knife, according to British media reports.

The prosecution expects Hussein to claim that he was attacked by someone and that he is the victim of a conspiracy. PTI IND AKJ IND

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