UK Man Gets New Penis on His Arm After His Old One Falls Off Due to Infection

Rakhi Bose
·2-min read

In a bizarre incident, a British man who had lost his penis due to a severe blood infection, managed to get himself a replacement for his manhood. Only difference? This one is located on his arm.

You read that right.

After suffering from sepsis which grew out of a severe perineum infection, 45-year-old Norfolk resident Malcolm Macdonald had to have his penis removed. The infection had started to turn it along with hs fingers and toes black. As per a report in The Sun, Malcolm knew something was wrong when his penis started to turn black.

"It was like a horror film. I was in a complete panic. I knew deep down it was gone and I was going to lose it," the report quoted him as saying.

In 2014, Macdonald's penis simply just dropped to the floor, despite his testicles remaining intact.

After spending tow years without the appendage, a depressed Macdonald decided to seek professional help. This is when professional penis expert Professor David Ralph of London’s University College Hospital stepped in.

The professor was able to create a bionic penis for Macdonald using skin grafted from his right arm and a blood vessel from his own body. The specially construtcted penis was then attached to Macdonald's arm so that it could thrive naturally. Now, the penis has been removed from the arm and is awaiting being fixed back tovthe place where it really belongs.

Due to several personal issues and now the coronavirus pandemic, however, the procedure has been facing delays. As of now, Macdonald, whose new penis has been remved from his arm after nearly four years of living with it, is waiting for his phallus to be returned to its correct place.

Speaking to The Sun, he admitted that he was aware that peolpe made fun of his new penis as it was pretty weird to meet a man with a penis on their arm.Macdonald, however, said that he took the humour in his stride and did not really mind the jokes.

"It looks like something out of a weird sci-fi comic. But it’s my chance at a normal life," Macdonald said.