UK Labour leader takes exception to party endorsement from 'terrorist organisation JKLF'

London, Dec 1 (PTI) Dr Neeraj Patil, a Labour leader and former Mayor of the London Borough of Lambeth, has expressed deep concern over the endorsement of the party by terrorist group JKLF in the December 12 General Election and sought immediate remedial measures.

In a letter addressed to Labour Party General Secretary Jennie Formby, the Indian-origin doctor said the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) had kidnapped an Indian diplomat Ravindra Mhatre in February, 1984 in Birmingham and brutally murdered him after failing to get the release of its founding member Maqbool Bhat from Indian prison.

'This organisation also has a long track record of terror offences in India and is designated as a terrorist organisation there,' he said.

Dr Patil noted that the Luton Labour party and its official website is displaying and circulating a letter of endorsement by the JKLF.

The letter of endorsement signed by Syed Tahseen Gilani, JKLF President, British Chapter, stated that on behalf of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, they completely supported the Labour Party in the election on December 12.

Dr Patil said, 'I am a strong advocate of peace between India and Pakistan and have a track record of holding many events to bring both the communities closer. I have erected a statue of an Indo-Pakistani philosopher on the bank of River Thames with the support of the Pakistani Muslim community.

'I was very disappointed to note that Luton Labour Party is displaying this letter of endorsement from JKLF on the official Facebook and sending this letter from the JKLF to members of the community via social media.' He asked the Labour Party to take remedial measures as a matter of urgency. PTI HSR IND AKJ IND