UK Home Secretary approves India's request to have fugitive diamond merchant Nirav Modi extradited

United Kingdom’s home secretary clears Diamond Merchant Nirav Modi’s extradition to INDIA. Nirav is critically denounced in the $2 billion Punjab National Bank fraud case. It is a big win for India, however as of now it is a long-drawn process, yet the first step has been taken that is the UK government has given the all-clear for Nirav Modi's extradition. This will most likely go to the Royal Court of London. The wait is long for Nirav Modi's appeal to the court. It nearly requires a half year to go to the British high court and that is mostly the end of the appeal process technically in the United Kingdom. After the verdict of the high court with involving further processes if any at all, 2022 Is the time when we can realistically expect for Nirav Modi to be back in India for further investigation and trials.