UK COVID strain scare surges, India suspends Britain flights till 31st December

After the alarm over new the COVID-19 strain rose, India has suspended flights from the United Kingdom till the 31st of December. However, Civil Aviation Minister Hardip Puri claimed that ‘India is prepared’.
Civil Aviation Minister also said that the UK returnees will have to have RT-PCR tests. After the flights got banned, the stocks of Indigo and Spice Jet tumbled. Along with India many other countries banned flights from UK.
While sharing views on the issue, Associate Director of Internal Medicine, Max Health Care, Rommel Tickoo says ‘We cannot predict the future mutations of the virus’, whereas, Former Executive Director of Air India, Jiti Bhargava says ‘UK Government have been very categorical about the new strain of the Coronavirus. Our Government has done a commendable job of banning flights to and from UK’.