UK Couple Went on an Adventurous Getaway to a Remote Island in March 2020, It is Now Their Escape from Pandemic

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Although a mutated version of coronavirus is spreading in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world, including South Africa, a British couple has successfully found a way to live away from the human population during these testing times.

A couple from Leeds, who are into adventurous travelling, fortunately found a way to stay away from the populated region as they moved to a remote place called Owey Island, off the west coast of County Donegal in Ireland. Residents of Leeds, Luke and Sarah Flanagan moved to the island on March 14, 2020, two days before the UK went into lockdown. According to Leeds Live report, the island does not have any electricity, gas, or running water.

The report said that the couple are living in a small cottage and have adapted to the rough island by using coal fires to keep warm, and a tank to collect rainwater. They use gas bottles to cook and solar panels to charge their electronics. Apart from the collected rainwater, they also use water from a well to clean themselves and their clothes.

To meet their food demands, Luke and Sarah are growing their own crop and raising hens for eggs. They also catch fresh fish and other seafood and have adapted to the environment around them. According to the report, the couple has learnt quite a few things as they lived in the isolated area. Luke, who started as a not-so-good fisherman, has worked on his skills and has even managed to catch pollock, one of the most common types of fish in the area.

Leeds Live reports that even though the island does have some houses, they are only inhabited in the summer. The report further mentioned that the last time humans inhabited the region in winters was back in 1974. Luke, 34, and Sarah, 36, were oblivious to the long-term stay of the coronavirus pandemic and told the website that the purpose of their stay on the 300-acre rocky island was simply to take a year to enjoy a slower pace of life and a new way of living.

Due to their very natural and organic way of lifestyle at Owey island, Luke also learned the old fashioned preservation technique of salting his seafood so that it can be stored and remain healthy for months on a stretch. There is only one way one can travel from that island and that is with the help of a small boat to another island, which is then connected to mainland Ireland through a bridge.