UK becomes fifth country to cross 125,000 COVID-19 deaths

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London [UK], March 12 (ANI): Coronavirus deaths in the United Kingdom topped 125,000 on Thursday.

CNN, citing Johns Hopkins University reported that the UK becomes the fifth country to reach that number of Covid-19 deaths and 1,25,403 COVID-19 cases. The UK has one of the highest death rates per capita in the world, with 188.33 per 100,000 residents, JHU data shows.

On January 26, the UK became the fifth country in the world to reach 100,000 deaths following the United States, Brazil, India and Mexico, according to JHU data.

The US continues to report the most deaths from the virus with 529,377 lives lost while Brazil has the second-highest death toll of 270,656. Mexico's death toll is also nearing 200k as the country's toll stands at 192,491. India has reported the fourth highest death toll of 125,168 deaths from the deadly pathogen. (ANI)