Uganda seeks ban on 'unethical' miniskirts

London, Apr 6 (ANI): Uganda is planning to impose a ban that would lead to arrests of women wearing skirts above the knee in public.

The proposed law, which is against women's rights, would mark a return to the era of dictator Idi Amin, who banned short skirts by decree.

The government-backed bill would also see many films and TV dramas banned and personal internet use closely monitored by officials.

According to the Guardian, many Ugandans are opposed to the idea and it has spawned a Twitter hashtag, #SaveMiniSkirt.

Simon Lokodo, Uganda's ethics and integrity minister, defended the plans, saying it is outlawing any indecent dressing including miniskirts.

He said that they seek to outlaw anything that exposes private parts of the human body and anything obscene, the Guardian reports.

The likes of Beyonce and Madonna will be banned from television, Lokodo added.

According to the paper, Lokodo expressed confidence that the bill would be passed.

But according to Uganda's Daily Monitor newspaper, it has run into difficulty in the parliamentary committee stage after some members expressed concern about its implications for constitutional freedoms, the paper added. (ANI)