UFO Spotted in Remote Part of Northern Norway Explodes Into Two (Video)

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Be it in any part of the world, news of spotting a UFO never fails to excite people. Especially if you are someone who is fascinated by science and astronomy, then UFO spottings are always fun to read about. And now, there is news of another UFO being spotted over a remote part of northern Norway. Reportedly, a bright, white UFO has been spotted in the northern part of Norway and has got sci-fi fans excited. Stunned onlookers in Bardufoss on Thursday afternoon spotted the aircraft, and a short time after that, it was seen again in 80 miles away in Tromso. To the surprise of many, after lingering on for a while after sunset, it exploded neatly into two parts before disappearing into dust, state onlookers.

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Photos and videos of the structure have been shared by onlookers and eye-witnesses on social media. ‘We thought it was a chopper coming towards us – a very bright light which came over the mountain and headed toward us – then it turned and went past us,’ Tarquin Millington-Drake of Frontier Travels said to Daily Mail. He added that the ‘UFO’ then seemed to explode. But the explosion was very uniform and symmetrical like two butterfly explosions either side of the light. It then seemed to turn and go away, but not as one bright light. It resembled bright dust that faded. Millington-Drake watched it from the Wolf Lodge, a remote hideaway in Bardufoss where guests have up-close experiences with wolves, reported the Daily Mail.

Watch a video of the ‘UFO’ spotted in Northern Norway here:

He and other guests were waiting for northern lights when the ‘UFO’ apparently appeared. The groups also say that they assumed it was some special event laid on by the luxury Wolf Lodge, “but when our hosts starting taking photos it became clear that was not the case .” For now, the only explanation for the sighting is that it could have been Paz, a radar imaging satellite which was launched on Thursday from Elon Musk’s Falcon 9. It was launched in California along with Musk’s StarLink, two prototype satellites whose later versions will beam broadband internet anywhere in the world.