UFC president Dana White says he won't stop Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight

Bryan Rodrigues
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When talks of a possible boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather first came up, everyone thought it was just talk for the media and that the fight would never happen. Now however, things have been heating up since the last few days and it looks more and more likely that the potential super fight will take place soon.

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Mayweather recently announced during his UK tour that he was officially out of retirement just to fight McGregor and then a report said that the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was being put on hold for the mega bout. While the UFC star has not come out and made a statement regarding the fight, his close friend and fellow boxer Michael Conlan said that the two of them were confident that the fight would happen.

The possibility of their fight has been intensifying in the last few days and now UFC president Dana White has also come out with a statement saying that he will not stand in the way of McGregor, should he decide to get in the ring with the undefeated boxer.

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"He obviously has a lot of opportunities right now. Tony Ferguson is out there. The Floyd Mayweather thing is out there. We'll see how this thing plays out. Yeah, it doesn't make a lot of sense for my business, but I would never stop Conor from making that kind of money" White told TMZ during an interview.

This statement from White comes as a bit of a surprise, because he he had said that McGregor's next fight would definitely be in the octagon. Getting UFC's approval was a key factor in making this super fight happen and with White now not standing in the way, the only thing that remains is for the two fighters to reach an agreement over the purse.

Mayweather wants a guaranteed $100 million for the fight and so does McGregor, along with a cut of the pay-per-view profits, but the boxer does not feel the UFC star is worth that much as he is willing to offer him around $15 million.

As far as the date of the fight goes, Mayweather wanted the fight to take place in June, but that seems unlikely as McGregor is awaiting the birth of his child in May which would give him only four weeks to get in shape. At this point a fight in September seems more likely but for now they have overcome a big obstacle in getting the approval of the UFC.

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