UEFA postpones Euro 2020 play-offs and offers no update on Champions League final date

UEFA has announced that the federation has decided to push back a series of Euro 2020 play-off matches that were set to be held in June.

The federation's decision comes as the latest step taken in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which has all but shut down most of the football world.

Most of the world's leagues have been suspended as a result of the outbreak, and plenty of uncertainty remains when it comes to the potential return date of professional football.

As a result of the uncertainty surrounding club and international football, UEFA had previously announced that Euro 2020 would be pushed back a year in the wake of the virus as part of the federation's proposals to combat the scheduling issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The competition was originally set to be played in various cities across the continent and was set to get underway on June 12, 2020, but it rapidly became clear that such an event was not feasible given the circumstances.

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