Udit Kumar – Asia’s youngest Sales Funnel and Marketing Expert

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Udit Kumar is a well-established and youngest Internet Marketer in India and he has been featured on Forbes and Market Watch amongst others. He left school at a young age to follow his dreams to become financially free and in 2018 and founded his agency, Udit Media – Top Marketing Agency of Asia. A company that supports businesses in the US to get more customers using

sales funnels and Facebook ads. The company mainly assists doctors, chiropractors, and physicians to grow and multiply their practices.

Udit Kumar (born 18 August 2000; India) has spent the majority of his time studying the Internet. When Udit Kumar was in High School he had created multiple streams of income online. (From his youtube Channel, Blog, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing.) He started earning more than his school teachers and principal just from his laptop and the Internet. From a very young age, Udit’s goal was to be financially free and He saw that opportunity on the Internet, and then he decided to drop his high school and chase his dream as an Internet Marketer. He took a big risk because the Internet was very new in India at that time. According to him, dropping out of school helped him to get more focused and upgrade his Online Skills.

Speaking about his company’s services, Udit said: “We help businesses and personal brands to grow their online presence with our world-class advanced digital services. As a digital marketing company, we offer digital services like web designing, search engine optimization & social media marketing. It’s our team and its culture which makes our work professional and helps our clients to stand out of the crowd.”

Through UDIT MEDIA, Udit Kumar has assisted more than one hundred businesses to generate great revenue with Internet Marketing.

The Internet has revolutionised the world around us. But it still works as a tool in our hands and depends on how we use it. Where many of us are using it as a way of entertainment, people like Udit Kumar are making fortune out of it just by thinking out of the box. With his smart approach towards technology, Udit has become one of the youngest Internet Marketers in India and has successfully scaled his Digital Marketing Agency, UDIT MEDIA, to 6 figures, which sits around $100,000 annual revenue.

A 20-year-old visionary with excellent entrepreneurial skills, Internet Marketing prowess, and Facebook Ads Expertise, Udit launched his very first website at a very young age of 15. His quest to learn and apply his knowledge in practical life helped him to become a self-independent and successful entrepreneur.

Udit Kumar Specialities

Some of Udit’s remarkable skills are – Entrepreneurship, Leadership skills, Facebook ads, Sales Funnel Building, web development, and marketing strategy. Along with this, his effective interventions with individuals and profound knowledge of digital marketing.

He is always grateful to his family to be there for his support always. Being enthusiastic and immersed in his work, he never feels anxious and feels like he fits in the right block of the puzzle that is predestined to him. That was God’s

plan according to him. Enjoying the good vibe and keen to share the positive vibrations to people all around, is the part of the challenge he wants to outclass every day.


Udit Kumar

Founder and CEO of UDIT MEDIA

Website – www.uditkumar.in

LinkedIn – @uditsays

Instagram – @uditsays

Facebook – @uditsays

Twitter – @heyudit

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