Udaipur Man Breaks His First Roza of Ramzan To Donate Plasma for Two COVID-19 Patients

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Udaipur, April 16: Fasting (Roza) is mandatory for all healthy Muslims during Ramzan. However, Aqueel Mansoori, a 32-year-old civil contractor in Udaipur, broke his first roza of the Ramzan month for a noble cause. Aqueel Manoori broke his fast to donate his plasma for two women who had tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). Mansoori recovered from COVID-19 in September last year. Ramzan: Guwahati Muslim Man Breaks Fast To Donate Blood, Saves Life of Emergency Patient in Assam.

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Mansoori, through social media and blood donation groups, learned that two COVID-19 patients - 36-year-old Nirmala and 30-year-old Alka - needed blood group A+ plasma. "Immediately after seeing these messages, I rushed to the hospital and volunteered for my plasma donation. Since I had done it in past after getting recovered from Covid-19 in September, I knew the plasma donation procedure," Mansoori was quoted by TOI as saying. Man Breaks Ramzan Fast, Donates Blood to Save 8-Year-Old Hindu Thalassemic Child.

It was at the hospital that Mansoori had to break his fast. "While the doctors asked me to get ready, they had also asked me to have something. That’s why I had to break my roza and had something from the hospital itself and donated my blood," he said. While Mansoori received praise, he believes he did nothing extraordinary.

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"Maine apna insaani farz nibhaya, mujhe koi geela nahin (It was my responsibility as a human and I have no regrets)," Mansoori said, adding that he is praying for recovery of the two women. According to Mansoori, he has donated blood for more than 17 times in his life. Since his recovery from COVID-19, he has donated his plasma thrice.