Udhampur: Mushroom cultivation attracts locals, witnesses surge in women participation

Udhampur (Jammu and Kashmir), Dec 4 (ANI): A growing number of women from the region are engaging in mushroom cultivation as a means to increase their income and come out of poverty.

With mushroom being considered as an easy cash crop, over 100 women from the region are engaged in its cultivation.

In Jakhani area of the district, one such Mushroom farm being operated by Baldev has large number of women, including from his family and the nearby areas, working on the cultivation unit.

"In this business the input is low and profit is very good. The Department of Mushroom Development also gives training for farming practices and with its help, it has become possible to earn good income", Baldev said.

Another local, Anjali said, "I am witnessing the process of cultivating mushrooms in my neighbourhood. The yield is good and the whole process doesn't require much time. The profits are good and we can manage it along with household chores."

Agriculture officer SK Bhagat said, "This year we have already trained about 200 people in mushroom farming. This also includes at least 100 women who are actively participating to learn the techniques of this process",

He also said that the practice is also invoking interest among unemployed youth who are seeing it as a means to generate regular income. (ANI)