Udaipur Police Creates WhatsApp Group 'Hello Mommies' to Help Pregnant Women amid Lockdown

While the coronavirus pandemic is a scary and tough time for new mothers and pregnant women, police in Rajasthan have plied technology to take a novel step in order to aid such vulnerable women. Police in the city of Udaipur have started a new WhatsApp group by the name of "Hello Mommies" to help out new and expecting moms.

Several pregnant women across Udaipur have been added to the WhatsApp group, which was created by women cops and has a total strength of 150 members. As per reports, the group has also helped a number of these women connect to hospital and medical services.

The idea of a special WhatsApp group for expecting mothers was suggested by additional superintendent of police Gopal Swaroop Mewar.

As per group administrators Chetna Bhati, Sudha Palawat and Prem Dhande, who also created and implemented the group, the group was intended for the police to identify and help pregnant women in "curfew-bound areas".

As per Chetna Bhati, jawans and constables on checkpoint duty have instructed to identify such women in their areas who could need medical or any other form of assistance, even at beyond permitted hours or at night. "We are feeding their numbers in the group so that they may reach us directly in case they require any kind of assistance during the curfew period", Bhati told news outlet Udaipur Kiran.

Even as cases of coronavirus continue to spike in India, expecting and new mothers in India have been facing a number of challenges amid the national lockdown. Even as medical facilities remained stretched due to high cases of COVID-19, several pregnant women including migrant workers or their wives are reportedly at risk due to the lockdown.

Last week, district administration officers in Jaipur intervened to help out a pregnant woman who had been on her way to Madhya Pradesh on foot by providing her food and transport.