Udaipur Man Names his Son 'Congress', Hopes His Son Will Join the Party in the Future


A man from Udaipur, who works in the media department of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, has decided to name his son Congress Jain, after the Indian National Congress. Vinod Jain believes that this is an apt name for his child, since his whole family has always been associated with the party.

This act of naming his boy after the party thus shows his loyalty to Congress, as he has also mentioned that he wants his future generations to also hold allegiance to the party their family has followed for generations, as reported by ANI.

"Some members of my family were reluctant to call the baby Congress, but I was determined and so waited until they came around," he said in an interview. He also said that it had taken them quite some time to actually get their hands on the birth certificate for the baby who was born in July of last year.

Jain also said that he looked up to Ashok Gehlot who serves as an inspiration to him. He also hoped that his son too would enter politics when he turned 18. According to reports, he wants his son to be associated with the Congress party in the future.