Uber Launches a Submarine For Underwater Tours, You Can Now Explore Australia's Great Barrier Reef With ScUber! (Watch Video)

Team Latestly

Until now you'd heard of Uber but only to ply cabs to destinations, but now you can even go underwater with an Uber if you are in Australia.  Uber Technologies Inc. announced its new feature of launching ScUber, which is a submarine. Australia's most popular underwater site, the Great Barrier Reef can now be explored in Uber's ScUber. The facility will be available from May 27 to June 18. Last Chance Tourism: From Great Barrier Reef to Machu Picchu, 7 Places People Are Visiting Before They're Lost Forever Due to Climate Change!

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The experience comes at a price, of course. It will cost  $2,060 and includes a one-hour submarine ride. The cost also includes helicopter transfers to and from mainland Queensland. The ScUber experience will be available from two locations. It will be from Heron Island off the coast of Gladstone, which is in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region. It will also be available from the coast of Port Douglas in Cairns, from June 9 until June 18. The person will receive their pick up from their location on Uber app. The ride also includes half a day or snorkelling. Great Barrier Coral Reef Can be Saved Using Ultra-Thin Sun Shield.

Watch Video of Uber's Submarine Service at Australia:

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The riders will be able to descend 98 feet and see marine life so close by, more like a fish eye view. While it seems like a great idea for tourists, it is unfortunate that the reefs haven't left that mesmerizing. The reefs have died or rather killed due to pollution. But as per reports, the new service is designed to support the protection of the coral reef system. Uber has partnered with the organization Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef.