Uber Drivers in India Now ID-Check With Selfie Before Every Ride

Uber driver Prem Kumar was accused of masturbating while driving a passenger to Hyderabad Airport on 19 October.

Uber is the latest brand to be bitten by the selfie bug, only this time, it is being done for a good social cause. Uber has launched a Real-Time ID Check in India that prompts drivers to take a selfie before they accept rides.

By taking the picture, drivers get scanned instantly, which ensures that major consumer mishaps are avoided. The feature is available in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

Uber India statementThis feature prevents fraud and protects drivers’ accounts from being compromised.

If the driver's selfie does not match with the photo registered in his/her account, the account gets temporarily blocked while Uber looks into the situation. Uber has partnered with Microsoft Cognitive Services to get this feature kicking.

This security initiative from Uber could go a long way in making cab rides safer for consumers, especially women.

Many rape incidents have been reported in the country, most of which has been attributed to the lack of driver IDs, making it hard for the cops to track down the accused.

How Selfie-IDing on Uber works:

  • Drivers take a selfie in the Uber app before they accept rides
  • Uber cross-checks driver’s photo ID with its official records
  • If the photos don’t match, the driver account is temporarily blocked