‘Uber Driver Harassed Me, Later Pretended to Be Customer Care’

Uber driver Prem Kumar was accused of masturbating while driving a passenger to Hyderabad Airport on 19 October.

As much as cab-hailing apps have eased the process of commuting, from the very inception, they have failed to ensure women’s safety.

On Wednesday, a woman in Delhi wrote a Facebook post narrating an incident she faced during an Uber Trip.

She wrote that the Uber driver tried to have uncomfortable conversations with her, and when she expressed her discomfort, he dropped her off in the middle of traffic and then continued to follow her. He then allegedly spoke to her pretending to be part of Uber’s customer care.

Once I started speaking on the phone, he increased the volume of the radio to the maximum, however I didn’t confront him as I didn’t want any arguments. Then, when I stopped talking over the phone he started to ask me creepy questions like, “Madam, where do you stay and where are you from? Do you stay alone? Aap Delhi se nahi lag rahe ho, itna bhi kya narazi hain, aap kuch bhi nhi bol rahe ho?” 

The woman concluded her post by raising a few questions on women’s safety.

What happens to the safety of a female passenger? What if the driver comes to my place and disturbs me again as I am pretty sure he can do anything. It is clear from the driver’s reply that he doesn’t care whether you complain to Uber or not. Because he is pretty sure Uber is not going to take any action against him. What will happen if he gets involved in something serious in the future?