U.S. Congressman Fred Upton says niece Kate Upton is a 'great gal'

New York, September 22 (ANI): Kate Upton's congressman uncle says he's proud of his swimsuit model niece - even after a bizarre video surfaced showing her frolicking around in a fairy suit with a man dressed as a unicorn.

"She's a great gal," Fred Upton told TMZ.com on Thursday, the same day the former editor of French Vogue released the short film, 'Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry', starring Upton.

In the clip, Upton prances through grass in fairy-tale dresses, stroking puppies, tiny goats and babies.

A male actor dressed as a unicorn stars alongside Upton in the film.

The couple cozies up in the grass, surrounded by baby rabbits, donkeys and goats. (ANI)