Tyson Fury set for WWE return, to meet new champion Drew McIntyre?

Mark Hoover

Bengaluru, April 7: Drew McIntyre hints at future challenge just moments after he became the first ever British WWE Champion at WrestleMania 36 by beating Brock Lesnar.

After that historic win, McIntyre called out two-time World Heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury, who is no stranger to the WWE Universe.

"I know Tyson Fury is on the show today as well," McIntyre told TalkSport in UK on Monday (April 6).

"I need to bring up Fury because he was talking trash about me, so I know he's coming on the show. Tell him 'I saw what you said about me.' He didn't care who won the match, he thought I was going to win and thinks he can smash me.

"Just let him know 'Fury I've won the championship, now I'm paying attention to you'. After I beat Sutton, I'm coming for Fury."

Fury, who has appeared in the WWE before, accepted the challenge from new WWE champion McIntyre as expected, but warned the Scottish Psychopath, that he is "not a 45-year-old man" like Brock Lesnar.

Fury has appeared in WWE before, defeating Braun Strowman at the company's Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia last October. He thinks that experience will stand him in good stead to take on McIntyre, who became the first British world champion in WWE history.

Addressing the challenge on Instagram, Fury wrote: "Drew McIntyre has called me out after his WWE WrestleMania 36 victory.

"First I say congratulations and what a fantastic job. Secondly, I accept his challenge, anytime, any place, anywhere."

Fury then elaborated on the situation in an interview with talkSPORT claiming he would have jumped in the ring for fight if not for the coronavirus pandemic which prevented audience at WrestleMania.

"I was supposed to be at WrestleMania 36 but obviously with the coronavirus I couldn't be there,: said the undefeated boxer.

"Drew McIntyre? Well I probably would have jumped in the ring and set about both of them

"I'm all open for it, open for the challenge. I have beaten one big giant wrestler who was bigger than Drew - Braun Strowman, knocked him clean out - I'm sure I'll do the same to our old Drew!

"I'm ecstatic for him because it's the first ever time in history that a British fighter has won the WWE heavyweight championship of the world.

"So congratulations to Drew, but I'm not a 45-year-old man like Brock Lensar, I am in the prime of my life.

"Like I've shown before, I can cross over to any sport and win. If Drew McIntyre wants the Gypsy King then he doesn't have to look very far because I'm here and I'm available!

"[I beat] Deontay Wilder, the most fearsome puncher in the history of heavyweight boxing, so I'll have no objections to smashing Drew McIntyre."

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