Ty Glascoe: Ship Performer from Jalesh Cruises Karnika reflects on the Affect COVID-19 Pandemic is Having on the Lives of 'Live' Performance Artists


In a sad state of affairs that the world is facing currently, Ty Glascoe talks about Coronavirus’ affect on live performers.

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Talent is what it takes for a person to become well-known for his/her work in their particular field & then across the world. The world is filled with lakhs of talented people who work day & night to excel in what they do & present the audiences with their best. People too welcome such artists with open arms to appreciate & applaud their creativity & talents. The same goes for live performers who rehearse tirelessly to put up a great performance in front of a live audience.

However, sometimes certain unforeseen circumstances & situations of the world can even ruin or put a halt on their career for a while. The time that the world is presently facing is a similar situation where the entire entertainment industry all around the globe has come to a standstill, making many artists unemployed overnight. Ty Glascoe who is a famous American actor, singer, songwriter & dancer from New York City borough of Queens has a similar view on the current scenario as he expresses his thoughts on the same & talks about the effects the spread of the virus have had on the lives of live performers like him.

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Ty Glascoe, who had recently gotten an opportunity to perform live for Jalesh Karnika Cruise Ship that sailed the Arabian Sea between Mumbai and Dubai, acted like a dream for this American artist. However, this dream of his was only a short-lived one as the pandemic hit the world suddenly & everything changed for him & other live artists. Glascoe expresses his concern for other live performers like him as many might not be able to get any shows again for a while out of the fear of getting infected. “Human interaction is a huge part of our job.” The saddest part, according to him, is that live artists want to remain safe but they also have to feed their families & in such grave situations it becomes even more difficult to make an earning.

Glascoe also fears that some of them may not even survive unless they have an alternative to live performances. “Without the ability to have large audiences, touring seems impossible for a very long time.” The young & independent artist is however very grateful for the opportunity he received to perform in India & hopes to come back soon to the country for a live performance again. “I miss everyone on board.” He also hopes that each person from the cast & crew is hail & hearty & keeping safe.

He also wishes that the world has a resolution for the pandemic so that people can get back to normality safely.