Two Women from J&K are Feeding around 25 Stray Dogs Daily amid Covid-19 Lockdown

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COVID-19 outbreak followed by lockdown restrictions has made people struggle for basic amenities including food. The COVID-induced lockdown has also put India's four-legged strays in distress. In the scorching heat, stray animals all over the country are suffering due to the unavailability of food and water. Large numbers of strays depend on leftovers. But with people pushed indoors, eateries and restaurants being shut strays are not able to kill their hunger.

But amid these unprecedented situations, several people have come forward to feed and provide shelter to strays. From Nagpur's Ranjeet Nath, which distributes 30–40-kilogram biryani to over 190 street dogs, to the Delhi girl who made warm shelter during winters with sacks for stranded dogs.

Two Jammu and Kashmir girls, who have been feeding stray dogs since last year, have also made up to the list. Hailing from the Udhampur area Neha Sharma and Pranavi Singh showcase their love and affection towards the stray animals. On a daily basis, both of them feed approximately 20-25 strays in their locality. The duo provides them with pedigree, roti, rice, milk, and curd. They not just feed them but also do first aid when required. In an interview with ANI, one of them said that if each household spares one roti then the strays would never go hungry. "Feeding them is our social responsibility," she added. They urged people to give them roti instead of beating them.

Naha and Pranavi provide food to stray dogs twice a day.

According to the data of Livestock Census of 2012, there are around 1.713 crore stray dogs. These numbers would have possibly multiplied by 2021.

In wake of prevailing situations, the Animal Welfare Board of India had released an advisory to all municipal corporations. AWBI urged them to ensure that animals and birds do not suffer due to hunger amid pandemic and lockdown. They further suggested that if animals die, then their carcasses can further spread different diseases which will elevate the current situation.

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